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Systemic Change: Intelligence

Posted by [email protected] on August 28, 2011 at 1:55 PM

Reforms in INTELLIGENCE gathering and ANTI-TERRORISM apparatus:

Harun Al Rashid: Musalmanon par bharosa kijay aor hamaray naojawanon ko police mayn dakhila dilwaiyay. kam az kam hamari bastiyon mayn say aaindah koi dahshatgard nahin niklayga. police mayn Musalmanon ki tadad itni kam kyun hay? (06 August at 19:14)


Nitya Shastri: ‎Harun Al Rashid also cops should stop arresting youth based on flimsy evidence but take the entire community into confidence to get proper information and provide witness protection. (07 August at 08:04)


Souvik Mishra: Dear Harun.......... do u know dere is always a debate dat there r less muslims in defence forces n police n majority of muslims think dat this is bcoz dey cant be trusted..............see i don know abt police dat much but our defence is a secular organisation which never discriminates on the basis of cultural differences............. if one applies for it n gets it then no one certainly will allow him from not gettin into some thing like police or army...........how many muslims apply for police or defence jobs n how many get it is wat matters...... (07 August at 08:51)


Souvik Mishra: der r some who doubt a muslim's love for our country but they r not huge number i suppose................... n dat also bcoz certain few elements in muslim community have done such gruelsome acts dat the whole religion is blamed which is pitiful (07 August at 08:55)


Harun Al Rashid: I am not complaining about discrimination by the Indian state. I also do not want reservation for my community either in the police or in the military. However, there is an oft-heard complaint about Muslims that when terrorists set sleeper cells in our neighbourhoods, we do not report the matter to the police. They say if we did, the terrorists could be caught before they could inflict any damage.

This insulting charge against us is flimsy too. Policing is a special skill that comes with proper training. Neither a Muslim nor a Hindu can otherwise detect terrorists from average looking faces. It hurts to learn of the non-Muslim perception of all Muslims as traitors and helpers of terrorists when the fact is that Islam exhorts us to be faithful to our country. Why can't the state instead train us in the requisite skills so that we know how to detect a Pakistani sneaking into our houses as an ordinary tenant?

This has happened twice in the locality I live in. Some suspected terrorists were caught and then the landlord was harassed for months together despite the fact that he had abided by the law by submitting duly filled police verification forms at the area's police station when those miscreants sought the house on rent. If the documents submitted by those tenants were fake, why couldn't the police detect the forgery? It means that the police verification procedure is just a formality that is not taken seriously by the police themselves while innocent Muslims have to bear the brunt for the state's own dereliction of duty. (07 August at 22:25)

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