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Anna's fan denied right to contest DUSU election

Posted by [email protected] on September 1, 2011 at 4:30 AM

Statement by presidential applicant Bhawana

I am a student of first year BA Pass at Swami Shraddhanand College, University of Delhi. I came in touch with Youth for Democracy (Y4D), an organization working to create political consciousness among the youth and fight the corrupt.

Inspired by the ideals of my colleagues, I decided to contest Delhi University Students’ Union (DUSU) elections as its president. My organisation wanted to give a statement that dadagiri and gonndaism could be fought against by peaceful means. After all, Y4D had participated in a big way in the anti-corruption agitation launched by Anna and his team.

On 29 August I submitted my form for all the four posts (president, vice-president, joint secretary and secretary). Before the submission of form, we are supposed to get the signature of the Principal of the college. In the college, they checked my identity (ID) card and signed.

My ID Card was checked by the DSW office and nominations were found to be correct. On 30 August I was supposed to deposit a draft of Rs 500 and an affidavit as per the elections guidelines.

When I entered the DSW office and tried to deposit the draft, I was told by a certain Mr Durga Prasad that my ID card was not valid. When I sought an explanation, he said that was not how an ID card looked. I objected, saying that it was the same ID and my college had not issued its replacement till now. He would not listen. My pleadings fell on deaf ears.

I spoke to my seniors over the mobile phone from inside the DSW office; they said I should get a written statement from them that they would not accept the ID issued by my college as valid. When I asked Mr Prasad for the written statement, he said he could not oblige. I asked other people also but none would listen to me.

Fifteen minutes before the deadline of 3 pm, a Ms Usha Rao entered the cabin and said this was not possible. I reiterated that most students of my college had the same ID card.

On insisting for my rights and trying to record the proceedings inside the room using my mobile handset, they snatched the equipment away from me and I was asked to leave the cabin. Still I managed to record the audio of a part of the conversation.

I suspect that there is a connivance of some staff members with some powerful student lobbies that were scared that I might upset their political calculations due to the support of my organizations. I feel gross injustice has been done to me and I would request you to highlight my plight.

I hail from a rural background and I may not be as ‘smart’ as the city-bred, but I must tell you that it must have taken a lot of courage on my part to break the conservative background of my family and decide to contest.

I am inspired by the ideals of Anna Hazareji who showed that the formidable power of the state could not deter his rustic simplicity.

I may not win, if finally allowed to contest, and many people tell me that I am not the right candidate for the President’s post. Yet I think that my right to contest should not be curtailed. I suspect that there is connivance of some staff members at the DSW (Dean Student Welfare) office with some powerful student lobbies. I have reasons to say so and I want justice to be done. My right to contest cannot be denied just because a few people in the system may think I am a rustic and do not deserve to contest.

I will fight for my right and not bow down before such insensitive people in the authority.

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