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Debate unleashed by Prashant Bhushan

Posted by [email protected] on October 23, 2011 at 1:50 PM

Sudesh Verma

We in Y4D condemn violence as a means to resolve differences. However, we also feel that those who think India to be a nation of nationalities should debate rather than provoke people by giving final statements. More so, when these people have occupied public space due to some other movement and using the new found status to forward a different cause.

Surajit Dasgupta

I wonder why Prashant Bhushan is blaming Sri Rama Sene for the attack (source: rolling caption on Star News). On Facebook, on the other hand, a member of this group, who says he is a member of some outfit named after Bhagat Singh, is claiming 'credit' for the assault, much as we couldn't see him in the footage above. Who is speaking the truth? And why should there be ambiguity about the organisation behind the attack?


Thomas Mathew

First of all, in no ambiguous terms this act should be condemned. But I have a small query, considering the kind of people Mr Bhushan has defended in court in the past, can he now appear on behalf of the folks who assaulted him? Look, I am asking this as a citizen frustrated by the complete lack of qualms criminal lawyers display in defending the worst kind of miscreants, I mean should'nt they be consistent in what they say they stand for?


Sudesh Verma

‎Thomas Mathew has ht the bull. Liberalism demands that there should no vengeance. Let them show their magnanimity. After all they are not terrorists who kill people without provocation

‎Gopal Rai

कश्मीर तो केवल बहाना है , असली मकसद भ्रस्टाचारियों को बचाना है!

भ्रस्टाचार विरोधी आन्दोलन से सबका ध्यान हटाने की अंग्रेजों वाली चाल कौन चल रहा है ?


जब पूरा देशवासी मिलकर भ्रस्टाचार मुक्त भारत बनाने की लड़ाई लड़ रहे हैं ऐसे समय में अन्ना टीम के प्रशांत भूषण पर हमला करके कश्मीर के मुद्दे पर देशवासियों को हिन्दू -मुस्लिम में बिभाजित कर भ्रस्टाचार विरोधी आन्दोलन से सबका ध्यान हटाने की अंग्रेजों वाली चाल कौन चल रहा है ? कौन है जो देश को अंग्रेजों से भी ज्यादा बड़े पैमाने पर लुटने वाले भ्रस्टाचारियों को बचाना चाहता है .कौन है जो भ्रस्टाचार मुक्त भारत नहीं बनने देना चाहता . कौन है जो शहीद भगत सिंह के नाम की आड़ में युवाओं का दुरपयोग कर अपना मकसद पूरा करना चाहता है ? कौन है जो शहीद भगत सिंह, अशफाकुल्ला खान की साझी शहादत को कलंकित करना चाहता ? जरा ठन्डे दिमाग से सोचें ! और अपने आस-पास आन्दोलन को कमजोर करने वाली किसी भी गतिबिधि का रोकने का प्रयास करें . युवाओं से विशेष निवेदन है कि जज्बात में कुछ करने से पहले शहीद भगत सिंह के विचारों को गहराई पढ़ने समझने की कोशिश करें . जय हिंद ! इंकलाब -जिंदाबाद

Surajit Dasgupta


Gopal Rai, आप के वक्तव्य में दो तथ्यात्मक दोष हैं --


(१) यह मुद्दा तजिंदर और उसके साथियों के हिंसक प्रदर्शन से नहीं उठा, प्रशांत भूषन के बयान से उठा है.


(२) भारत के मुसलमान पृथक कश्मीर के न तो समर्थक हैं और न ही कश्मीरी मुसलमान व भारत के शेष मुसलामानों के बीच कोई बहुत ज़्यादा सांस्कृतिक लगाव या मेल है. अलगाववाद के मुद्दे को इस्लाम के साथ जोड़कर आप मुसलामानों को बदनाम कर रहे हैं जो कि सर्वथा निंदनीय है.

Indian Muslims do not support the idea of Kashmir's separation from India. Nor do they share much cultural affinity with Kashmir's Muslims. Any insinuation to that effect is mischievous. Gopal Rai must explain why he is up to maligning patriotic Muslims of this country.


As for the facts, the demand for plebiscite in Kashmir -- "referendum" is a vague term that Prashant Bhushan used -- can be disputed academically. And easily so. It is only some individual or outfit that is intellectually challenged -- like the one Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga belongs to* -- that will resort to violence to counter the hollowness of the clamour for Kashmiri self-determination.


* [He does not belong to the Sri Rama Sene to the best of my knowledge. I wonder what motive Bhushan has in misleading the people about the identity of the organisation that is responsible for the abominable act.]


The demand was first made through the United Nations Security Council Resolution 47, adopted on 21 April 1948. It begins with the instruction to Pakistan to restore the territory to its pre-invasion position militarily as well as demographically. Only after that condition is fulfilled does the obligation rest on India to honour its part of the agreement. Since the first never happened, there is no question of the second happening. End of the story.


Having stated the above, lawyer Bhushan's knowledge of history and international law can be ridiculed and he can be made to look like an ass. Where is the need to manhandle a man who can be thus discredited and snubbed?


Sudesh Verma

This is problem with those people who have failed to accept the unity of diversity India concept because they failed to read the NCERT books during school. When they grew old they came to study something else that spoke about India being a nation of nationalities. The concept of plebiscite ridicules Indian democracy that ensured repeated elections in Jammu and Kashmir there and public participation as well. Are people like Prashant Bhushan questioning the legitimacy of Indian democracy in J and K? If yes, he should decide the law he is violating.



When I was raising questions about the intent and position of Prashant Bhusan on Kashmir many friends of IaC countered me saying it's his personal stand and not endorsed by IaC.

Now after the " PunchGate", shanti Bhushan ( a prominent Member of TeamAnna and IaC) supported the points made by PB on Kashmir.


So it's high time other prominent members should clarify their stand on Kashmir wrt PB comments.


They can not fool around saying it's their personal stand while doing so in disguise of popular support for JLP.


People gave their support *** to fight against corruption , not for their personal agenda which is coming out of closet.


***Disclaimer: The SUPPORT offer is Valid for Fight Against Corruption/ JLP only, not transferable to any other case.***


By the way Mr Bhushan should not be pressing charges against those who punched him.

Bhushan has advocated the mercy plea of Afzal Guru. Doesn't he?

Sudesh Verma

Great argument. You should be a lawyer fighting against Bhushan. They had said gherao netas. Time to gherao them on what they said and are practicing.

I entirely agree with Surajit Dasgupta. None of my friends who is a Muslim supports this separatist call. Saying anything to the contrary would insult those friends I cherish. The issue is job and security and not a fight over territory. Those who imagine that Kashmir can ever be alienated from India are living in a fool's paradise. We are all Indians or Bharatiya and all nationalists. Integral boundary of country also is a way to define nationalism.


Sanjay Bharatha

Bhaad me jaaye corruption, Kashmir is infinitely more important to us. To hell with Prashant Bhushan.


Sri Ram Sena people beat up Prashant bhishan yesterday. Well done this fellow should be thrown out of Anna Team or we all should bycott team anna. Enough of this tamasha. This fellow has made indias position embarrassing in front of world community. If team Anna doesn't remove Bhushan from their team we should welcome team Anna with slippers wherever they go.


This damn scoundrel is going on and on in all TV channels and supporting about plebiscite in kashmir and calls those who want to deal harshly with separatists as hitlers abs he calls Hindu grips as equal to hitler and being fascist. this scoundrel is openly accusing india of violence and says that Kashmir will be made into another afganistan if we do not give away Kashmir. He asks Kashmir pundits to leave india if they do not support his freedom of speech. I watched it just now on TV. We all should boycott team Anna if they still continue to keep him in his team. We should welcome them with slippers.


Freedom of speech does not mean, we speak whatever comes on once tongue in public. Parliament proclaimed that entire kashmir... incl POK is part of India... how can this person just like that say something which hurts everyone.


I think Prashant Bhushan has not learnt his lesson by being trashed.


Bhaad me jaaye corruption Kashmir is infinitely more important to us always. To hell with Prashant Bhushan.


He is going on and on in TV accusing india and Indian armed forces of committing atrocities in Kashmir and wants the special forces act removed from Kashmir accusing Indian army of atrocities and asks Kashmiri Muslims to leave india If they cannot respect his freedom of speech.

This scoundrel is so much hurt that his freedom of speech is not being respected did he ever think about the millions of Kashmiri pundits who were mercilessly driven away from their homes and were asked to leave their women folk in Kashmir to be enjoyed by Kashmiri muslims? Do those Kashmiri pundits not have any freedom? This scoundrel needs to be taught a lesson of his life.


Kiran S. Patnaik

अमीक़ ज़मी का लेख पढ़ा. आपने अपने अनुभवों को साझा किया है. शुक्रिया... लेकिन ये लोग काहेके "हिंदू" और काहेके "हिंदू राष्ट्र"?? ये सभी दरअसल बिके हुए लोग हैं. ..इन बदमाशों ने आज तक किसानों की आत्महत्या के विरोध में गुस्सा जताने के लिए किसी मंत्री-नेता पे हमले किये हैं?? जबकि मरने वाले नब्बे फीसदी किसान "हिंदू" ही हैं.!! आर एस एस का मुख्यालय जिस विदर्भ की धरती पे है, वहीं लकाहों किसानों ने आत्महत्याएं कर लीं, लेकिन इन नकली देशभक्तों ने कभी कोई बड़ा आन्दोलन चलाने की जहमत उठायी? नहीं. क्यों?? ये असल में आम जनता का ध्यान असली और मूल मुद्दों से हटा देना चाहते हैं..क्यों?? क्योंकि ये बिके हुए लोग हैं. ...ये नकली देशभक्त हैं..ये भाड़े के लोग हैं.............


Chandra Vikash

Till about an year back, I was as ignorant as Prashant Bhushan to have believed that no hell will break lose if Kashmiris opt for seperation. It's only after understanding how deeply in our veins integral humanism runs and after talking to Kashmiri Pandits, I am enlightened today that it's the terrorists who must be taken to task and shown the door.


‎Utpal Sarma

I don't know what did Prasant Bhushan say, but on my part from the bottom of my heart I believe in the doctrine "unity of diversity" in India.. J&K is, was & will always be an imseparable part of India........

Chandra Vikash

The reason why Prashant ji got thrashed, as I can say after looking at the incident video is b'coz of his arrogance and not his ignorance. I did have an hour long chat at his residence couple of months back where he served me all that along with a glass of water and some namkeen. Y4D founders Sudesh and Surajit are well aware how he refused to come to our seminar b'coz Vineet Narain ji was also a speaker. A few weeks later, Prashant ji shamelessly faces him and gets humbled for his past record as Vineet ji holds the mirror for him. This is at a TV debate by headlines today. I did my cameo bit to save Team Anna's day, when they were cornered by 3 Congress stooges falsely and Vineet ji genuinely. The video is here: http://headlinestoday.intoday.in/headlines_today/programme/public-debate-on-lokpal-bill/1/141755.html My cameo bit is in part 8 at 3 minutes.


I'm in no way justifying the attack. Yet, I do believe that people are not so much hurt by ignorance as they are by arrogance.


Sanjay Bharatha

Prashant Bhushan has proved himself to be a arrogant traitor who thinks too much of himself. He should be kicked wherever he goes our in public until He apologises. He should be taught a lesson.

I don't care whether it's ignorance or arrogance but to say such a thing so loosely can't be excused. Even a school kid would not say so. I was actually more shocked after seeing his interview where he heaped Accuses against Indian govt and army and he said that if Kashmiri pundits don't respect his freedom of speech they should leave india. How dare he say that. This fool is worried and hurt that few people hit him what about millions of pundits who had to leave their everything overnight even their women in some cases. And this joker wants them to go away from this country. If we don't teach this fellow a lesson shame on us.



I am more surprised to hear him say, situation of Kashmir will become like Afganistan. What is the problem of this dude!

He is a big personality now so a punch will keep anybody under non bailable warrant | I am sure everyday indian jails vl be filled completely at this rate of implementation of law :)

Sanjay Bharatha

Such idiots shoot their mouths just because people like you and me bear with their arrogance. Once we start to put them in place. Then they will think before they speak.

Even police understand and support those who trashed him. Not only police but all people who love this country will support them. They did this because he crossed the limits in the name of freedom of speech but what about the freedom of Kashmiri pundits?

Asif Naseer

This is the problem with enlightened India. My way or highway.

The school kid whom you are talking about has been taught right from the beginning that tolerance is equal to cowardice.

Just care about millions of Kashmiri Pundits and ignore tens of millions of others. Termination of AFSPA is demoralization of army, no matter what are the ill effects. Surely Muslims of India are not inspired by what separatists chants, but that does not means they will ignore everything in the name of nationalism. And Anna and his team mates are accepted until they speak anti-Congress. Else, Traitors! Time will prove this.

Jai Ho!


Sanjay Bharatha

The people who were staying in Pakistan and Bangladesh abd spoke and thought like you pr rajeshwari before the partition of india were either murdered or had to run for their lives when the reality dawned on them. Bit it was too late. Even Gandhi days that partition over my dead body. But what happened? So time will anyway tell nut please look back and see what it has already said. Jai jai jai ho. God help people like you.

Surajit Dasgupta

Arrogance वगैरह कुछ नहीं है यार. इन लोगों को भारत के टुकड़े करने के और हमें विश्व के समक्ष लांछित करने के पैसे मिलते हैं कई यूरोपीय देशों से.

Deepak Kothari

Kashmir was,is n will remain integral part of india.


Utpal Sarma

Anna Hazare is fighting to form a corruption free India & we, the Indians are in support of him.. Prashant Bhushan is no doubt a member of team Anna, but his comment was his personal view.. Some people are trying to accuse whole team of Anna ji for it.. But, I think it is meaningless..

Who is Prashant Bhushan, if God itsel passes an order to separate Kashmir from India,then even we, the Indians will protest against it..

Kashmir is always an imseparable part of India..


Sanjay Bharatha

It's glad to hear that Anna has distanced himself from Prashant Bhushan. Hope his will will prevail and prashant Bhushan will be thrown out of his team.


Julius Tongbram

Right to self determination.Thats what Bhushan promoted.Just because some blind, biased, chest-thumping morons go around shouting slogans in support of "Bharatmata " wont change the truth about Kashmirs stand.Bhushan was right to say so. If one cant digest it, its merely an egocentric attitude which rejects that goes against the so called "national interest" or "colonial interest". The fact tht Kashmir was n independent state is unquestionable.So why do people find it hard to swallow,I wonder.

Let Kashmiris decide their fate, Muslims and Pandits. Period.

Kishan Bailey

‎Julius Tongbram, the Brits still do sing ‘God save the Queen’ despite their borders seeing neither sunrise nor sunset.

The Americans sing ‘America, America’ even though it is they who perpetrate wars on foreign lands based on flimsy grounds.

The Russians still evoke the emotions of their ex-super power status when fighting Chechnyans or their proxy terrorists.

So what do you suggest? That everyone give up their identity, wilt to defeatist mentality and cave in to cynicism!

Likewise, law has been unable to contain crime. So I bet your wisdom would opinionate that it too should be done away with.


Every nation that considers itself relevant has a national cause and interest to protect. They don’t treat it as a venue for a rave party wherein every junky would probably propose that the paramour be shared amongst the other folks of a similar mindset.


All states as provincial kingdoms were independent. The letters of accession was submitted without any duress during the formation of the union. Kashmir included.

That forms the union of India and it stands unquestionable.


I wonder how your grand idea of two pence incorporate the Pandits who have undergone a clinical genocide right from a thousand years to a grand finale 22 years back fit into this equation.

Following this example, another state would probably purge a group ‘X’ and then seek a referendum for secession.

Does your courtesy extend to all the states in India or only reserved for a few, I assume for who your mind has already contrived prejudices and biases on an equal scale?

Julius Tongbram

Kishan Bailey, patriotism doesn't qualify for hooliganism.did you come across the word "right to self determination"That embodies the spirit of democracy and equality.in simple words,let the people decide at their own freewill and not under coercion and force.Thankfully,you admit that most kingdoms were independent states considering there was no India until Gandhiji.Most of us dont even like to accept the fact that almost each of the current states in India were actually an independent states.But,each one of these states willingly joined the Indian state?seriously?

Talking about persecution and genocides.kashmiri pundits aren't the only one to have faced that,society undergoes lots of unfair changes,so lets not stick to just one issue.lets talk about persecution of tribals in Tripura and MP by the non tribal population,and that is only the beginning.Maybe they can all go back and set up a referendum and rethink it over and decide who wants to be under the Indian state and other issues that plagues the society.simple.to cut it short,my point being,if u want a successful democracy,you cant force it.simple.Everything else is just a matter of circumstances.Democracy transcends nationality and the so called national interests.

Julius Tongbram

Sanjay,your religious intolerance and calling a religion anti human negates your right to support democracy. having a hard n difficult debate is one thing.tht gentleman goes ahead and insults religion!

Sanjay Bharatha

If nor tolerating such doctrines which promise heaven to only their followers and eternal hell to all others, irrespective of however much kind and good and generous or nonviolent they be, is facism. Then so be it.

It is a joke when someone who supports such ideologies which create elementary differences in humans on the basis of beliefs but not on the basis of deeds, speaks about religious tolerance.

I don't know to which country you belong, you don't teach us what democracy is because traditionally we were always a democratic and tolerant society. We never invaded any other country or kill all of it's population or build up colonies and then switched to democracy when it is convenient to us. Now even this democracy is being misused and manipulated at many places. It can't survive on it's own. It needs people with broad and inclusive mind set and those who are not so have no business to benefit from gifts of democracy and at the same time work for replacing it with some religious doctrine. Tolerating such sections is not helping democracy but destroying it. And to say that Kashmiri Muslims democratic rights should be respected we are doing that more then they deserve. They lost all claims to democracy and it's rights when they drove away most intolerantly and violently millions of pundits from their ancestral homeland. So stop lecturing us. And about tribals etc we would have solved all their problems if christian missionary activities had not transformed them from simple peace loving folk to being intolerant and hate mongers by changing their very traditional relationship with rest of the society.

Julius talks about the self determination of Kashmiris. But what about the rights of pundits? As far as I am concerned they lost the claim to all self determination the day they drove pundits away. And what about the self determination of 120 criers of Indians. It's combined self determination that matters not that of a handful hate mongers and murderers. Is some sections in Delhi feel that they need to have right for self determination and that they want to separate from Indian union, do you think we should agree to that.? Is this non sense possible in any country? Will china, Russia , USA or any other country agree to this?

Surajit Dasgupta

The right to self-determination as a philosophy or policy applies to such territories that are normal, where years of ethnic cleansing, militancy and insurgency have not vitiated the atmosphere and rendered a plebiscite untenable.


Utpal Sarma

Hum bhi bhrastasar mukt Bharat chahte he.. Lekin, bhrastarar k khilaf ladne ke liye press walo ko corrupted tarike se kharid ne ki kosish karna jaayaj he kya?


Surajit Dasgupta

Contrary to the claim of Prashant Bhushan, it is an independent Kashmir that will be yet another Afghanistan.


My 2008 article on the issue. [click on the hyperlink]

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