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Systemic Change: Bureaucracy

Posted by [email protected] on August 28, 2011 at 2:50 PM

What reforms do you want to see in BUREAUCRACY?

Surajit Dasgupta: ‎1. End of job security;


2. Performance-based incentives and punishments;


3. No government quarters;

... (10 July at 20:48)


Diksha Rajput: No govt. quarters?..why? (10 July at 22:17)


Vinit Kumar Upadhyay: No government quarters will create issues as bureaucrats will become inaccessible. (10 July at 22:19)

Surajit Dasgupta: Whaaaaaaaaat? You access bureaucrats at their homes rather than their offices? kyon bhai? kyaa deal karne jaate ho unke ghar pe? :-P (10 July at 22:20)


Diksha Rajput: ‎^^^ lol..arre Surajit..sarkari quarters milne main kya buraai hai? (10 July at 22:20)

Surajit Dasgupta: ‎No govt. quarters?..why?


Thanks to the Sixth Pay Commission, they are now being paid on par with the corporate sector, which they had demanded. Why cannot they now afford houses at market prices, be it rent or purchase? (10 July at 22:21)


Diksha Rajput: Agar sarkari quarters main aap ek baar reh liye toh re dharamshaala ya sarai main bhi reh lenge.....!And no, our salaries are nowhere near the corporate sector guys. (10 July at 22:23)


कर्ण सिंह: Before getting recruited in armed force, police check our social background. Why not for bureaucrats? Scrap criminal's right of election nomination (10 July at 22:23)


Diksha Rajput: How about compulsory military training for all bureaucrats?..I would second that (10 July at 22:25 · Like)

Surajit Dasgupta: ‎Diksha,


Why should such vast areas in every city be booked for government quarters permanently and thus rendered unavailable for any other creative/constructive purpose? If this model of housing is so just, why are developed countries not following it? Why do their bureaucrats live in rented accommodations like private citizens? (10 July at 22:27)


Vinit Kumar Upadhyay: ‎Surajit Dasgupta, imagine a situation where DM/SP is not accessible after a massacre or bomb blast at midnight. (10 July at 22:27)


Diksha Rajput: What creative/constructive use would you put the govt. residential accomodation to? (10 July at 22:28)

Surajit Dasgupta: ‎Vinit,


I guess you are hypothesising on the basis of the bygone era of physical mobility and terrestrial telephone connections. ;-) (10 July at 22:28)


कर्ण सिंह: ‎@diksha not only military, special training on how to speak? Proper hindi (10 July at 22:31)


Diksha Rajput: Ab ye proper Hindi bolne ki zaroorat kaise aan padee? (10 July at 22:31)


Vinit Kumar Upadhyay: No, I am taking prevailing culture of bureaucratic stalking in the account. This will give them a reason to not visit rural hinterland as they will argue that they live at some distant place and are unable to commute to distant places. Please take rural Indian into account. Tele-density is still an impediment there. (10 July at 22:33)


कर्ण सिंह: dont you listen to what and how they speak? (10 July at 22:35)

Surajit Dasgupta: ‎our salaries are nowhere near the corporate sector guys.


You forget the multitude of other privileges. Subsidised electricity is one. The average bill amount at my father's quarter used to be Rs 12 a month in peak summer and Rs 5 a month in the winters!


I am sure even in this age you do not pay the Rs 8000 odd that I pay on electricity against every bill.


My father went around in an Ambassador car and a Mahindra jeep, for neither of which he ever spent a penny.


He had three domestic helps -- all at the expense of the exchequer.


And these are just a few privileges out of many!


Now answer a simple question: Why should my tax subsidise your electricity bill, driver's salary, cars' maintenance and fuel costs, domestic helps' salary and all? (10 July at 22:35)


Diksha Rajput: I don't deny that there are many privileges that a Govt Servant is entitled to..but let me tell you..i don't get my House Rent Allowance if I stay in a govt accomdation....n my bijli ka bill is anywhere near 5,000/- (10 July at 22:38)


Vinit Kumar Upadhyay: We should discuss cost-benefit of bureaucratic spending in an impersonal way. certain things should be definitely done away. Colonial housing spaces (mostly rendered useless due to the condition of upkeep) should shrink to apartments. Each spending item can be evaluated on the basis of cost benefit analysis, but not on the basis of commonsensical understanding of non-professionals. (10 July at 22:44)


कर्ण सिंह: pointless to explain. Anyways. Why not do something to make them answerable directly (10 July at 22:45)

Surajit Dasgupta: i don't get my House Rent Allowance if I stay in a govt accomdation


That's hardly a compensation to the remaining taxpayers. The government-determined HRA is unrealistic when compared to the market prices of the kind of houses you live in.

BTW, my three points are lesser problems. The greater ones, those dealing with misgovernance of the country, will hopefully be dealt with by Sudesh.

This will give them a reason to not visit rural hinterland as they will argue that they live at some distant place and are unable to commute to distant places.


It's too presumptuous to say that trouble will erupt always close to the place where a DM/SP lives. He/she anyway has the option of renting a house within the area under his/her jurisdiction. (10 July at 23:13)


Sudesh Verma: replace the colonial bureaucracy with a people friendly one. Let them be out of tendering and purchasing. Let there be lateral entry and let there be independent citizens' panel in each department to look into complaints against them (other than Lokpal). Let experts take position of secretary of different departments such as agriculture secretary should be an expert on agriculture. More such innovative things are needed after studying the systems elsewhere. Let bureaucrats not hijack the system the way they have done till now.


Dont assume them to be people from different world. A simple graduate after cramming some facts becomes a bureaucrat and assumes the role of civilizing the natives since he is a member of the British Bureaucracy. they have their own clubs, the best of systems, and the entire government to please them. I am talking of IAS. When they increased their salary to Rs 80,000 per month they have a matching revenue saving by doing away with the jobs of permanent clerks and replaced them with adhoc ones. Every thing in the country has to move along them. So it is time to have experts from outside in senior bureaucratic positions. This will stop the floodgated of IITs.IIMs appearing for IAS and wasting national wealth, they can join later. Experts try to become generalists since it gives them power. It is sad that servants in this country are more powerful (bureaucrats) than rulers (people) who pay tax to pay salaries of these elites.

Two ARCs' recommendations have not been implemented since they do not like and they can have their ways with politicians. They would not allow the Lokpal since it will tackle joint secretaries and above level officers. Lord ACton said power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This applies to these bureaucrats who have created a system for themselves.

If you want more details on how these bureaucrats operate, let us have a meeting to know how bad these insensitive people are. (10 July at 23:50)


Sahana Singh: I think the Civil Services Exam in its current form should be scrapped - it only produces people who are well versed in history, geography and blah blah. Instead, like in Singapore, the future administrators should be selected on the basis of specialised tests which test their personality and ability to think logically, innovatively and respond to various situations. (11 July at 06:08)


Namit Kothari: the job security offered by govt should be removed (at all levels). jobs should be on contract basis (11 July at 09:18)


Navin Kumar: this is the field where i can expect not suggest. (11 July at 11:18)


Ajit Phape: ‎@ Namit, Job security forms the crux of Government Job.... Accountability comes with job security and job in government is all about accountability. (11 July at 12:29)


Surya Prakash Loonker: Public Services Guarantee Act should be implemented in every state. Bihar, UP and Delhi have already passed it. (13 July at 03:09)


Harun Al Rashid: Bureaucrats shouldn't enjoy unhinged job security. (06 August at 19:21)

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