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Systemic Change: Police

Posted by [email protected] on August 28, 2011 at 1:30 PM

What reforms do you want to see in the POLICE?

We are pressing for the implementation of the recommendations of the Supreme Court, which were:

# giving statutory status to the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC)

# the CVC to exercise superintendence over the functioning of the CBI

# selection for the post of the Central Vigilance Commissioner to be done from outstanding civil servants and others of impeccable integrity

# selection for the posts of Director CBI and Director Enforcement, each with a minimum tenure of two years, to be done by a Committee headed by the CVC

# declaring the Single Directive, which required the CBI to seek permission from the Government before undertaking any inquiry or investigation against senior civil servants of the rank of Joint Secretary and above, null and void.


The debate:

Prasanna Veeraraghavan: Primarily I would like to have the duty of the police covering up for the security job for our leaders be removed and there exists a separate force which will be utilized as security alone for them. (10 July at 19:39)

Surajit Dasgupta: Do you want it to continue to be a wing of the state government? (10 July at 19:40)


Prasanna Veeraraghavan: No. (10 July at 19:41)


Diksha Rajput: ‎@ Surajit..do we need to reform ourselves, as well? (10 July at 19:42)

Surajit Dasgupta: That's an अवस्था, not a व्यवस्था! ;-) (10 July at 19:47)


Diksha Rajput: hmm..par vyavastha chalaanewaley to hum hee sab honge naa? jab avastha hee theek nahi hogi, to vyavastha kaise durust hogi? (10 July at 19:48)


Parvin Baishkiyar: I Agree with Prasanna Veeraraghavan, but I will prefer it to under provinces only. Center/World should only be a watch dog, and fix it if there anything wrong, according to global laws. Complete stop of Breaking of LAW by police, there are not judges and should not do anything like encounter killing, brutality. They are servant of Public and should not order civilians to do stuff, where possible they should step in and not cause common public harrasement. If they become witness in court, all their wordings should pass Lie Detector Test. They cannot use any force which can kill anyone, they should use gun which immediately make a person immobile, but they cannot use Guns, or anything which can cause bodily harm under any case. Any deaths/injury in police custody the police should be suspended frrever and criminal case brought against all the involved person. (10 July at 19:59)


Sukrut Patel: Anyone know that POLICE is an acronym for Protector Of Life In Civil Establishment.


better training and equipment for a start. (10 July at 20:27)


Prasanna Veeraraghavan: Primarily police must be controlled in a different way and they must not be controlled by the politicians. They must only coordinate with politicians. (10 July at 22:39)


Sudesh Verma: What we are talking of is the malaise but we are not suggesting reforms. My argument runs thus: The thana system was evolved during the British to make it compatible with revenue collection system. Why should the ACR of an SHO not be written by an agency outside the police say a forum of senior citizens which often act as the moral force. Why should an FIR not be lodged if a person goes to file a complaint. Why should police not be asked to be decent? The answer will come in lack of education, lack of training in behaviour with citizens and their own inhuman condition in which they work.... (11 July at 00:06)


Komal Shah: Being at the right place at the right time & doing the right thing... (11 July at 14:56)


Surya Prakash Loonker: Online FIR. Police to be arrested and put in prison if they fail to perform their duties which includes thing like not reaching a place of accident or incidence in less than 10 minutes. (13 July at 03:12)


Harun Al Rashid: jab ham say yeh wardi walay beech sadak mukhatib hon to tameez say pesh aayen. filhaal itni mehrbani kaafi hogi. (06 August at 19:20)


Chaitanya Kakita Satya: Most basic reforms needed are transparency in appointments and promotions,security of tenure for higher officials,separation of investigation and law enforcement duties.So many committees have studied the issue and made many recommendations. Even if there is will on the part of union governments ( irrespective of party in power) to implement them, state governments are in no mood to free police departments from their stranglehold. In this one case,judiciary needs to play a more proactive role.Some time back SC wanted to know the status of police reforms in India but nothing was heard in recent time (06 August at 21:10)


Ravi Kirti: ‎1)Protection to complainants / witnesses


‎2) Make it easy for people to file an FIR, introduce online FIR filing facility; 3) A mechanism to address complaints against the police and its officials 4) Stronger internal vigilance against corruption 5) Courtesy/manners to be included in their training (06 August at 21:37)


Vivek Nair: Increase salaries of the police by atleast 100% (09 August at 10:55)


Sumit Kumar: following are suggestion from me: 1). enhance training level they should get the same training as army or CRPFgets. 2). a national DATA GRID for information sharing which could be accessed from any where by police as per the access level of the concerned officer. 3). better arms and communication system. 4) lodging of FIR should be made easy as others said, online access to this facility with inbuilt legal intellisense included in any such portal. (09 August at 12:37)


Siddharth Ranjan: Independent Police Commission! (09 August at 20:24)


Priyanka Singh: dey shud b less of "petu" crimes gonna reduce wen dere bellies reduces as well, nd dere greed oh god! its sad our responsibilities on such irresponsible n phisically opressed, n frustratd ppl! (09 August at 21:06)


Vineet Singh: ज्यादा कुछ करने की जरूरत नहीं ........ प्रकाश जी पूर्व महानिदेशक बीएसएफ की रिपोर्ट पढ़ और अमल में ले आयी जाये ... बहुत कुछ बदल जायेगा (09 August at 23:32)


Kishan Bailey: I am only wondering why the armed services are far less corrupt and far more accountable.

One possible reason is that they have the distinction of having a head who reports to no one but the Supreme Commander of the armed forces, the President. So can a police force also restructure in a similar manner and have one supreme commander, say an Inspector General? I know that it would involve much more numbers than an army can accommodate and would therefore be that much more complex. But it would remove the unwanted interferences which the police today face, right from every state level minister to a political party worker.

But the drawback to this could be that it can be politically wielded to suit the center like the CBI currently is. (09 August at 23:39)


Harun Al Rashid: ‎Kishan Bailey, the army is no less corrupt. There corruption happens mostly in the non-combatant departments. (13 August at 16:29)

Surajit Dasgupta: We should have city police like NYPD, LAPD, etc rather than state polices. (13 August at 16:41)


Nirmal TS Kumar: I prefer the current operational set up. The police and the military should always be under civil control. that we're not able to elect good politicians or have effective or clean legislative bodies is our fault. We shouldn't create super powerful police or military capable of interfering in domestic affairs unless expressly mandated by our elected representatives. That's inviting a police state.

The Police ought to be given turn around times for all their activities, all cases including those that're subjudice but aren't closed to public by the judiciary till closure should be completely public. (13 August at 18:37)


Ambuj Verma: why can't there b separate investigation section and a separate section to apply force............so that there can be a better public relation and a more managed investigation. You can't expect people who also apply physical force to be polite at the same time. There can also be a less corrupt system because of accountability, time limit and clarity in approach. (13 August at 23:57)

Surajit Dasgupta: Nirmal,


We are advocating a city-based police reporting to a citizens' council (rather than the Superintendent of Police and then the state's Police Minister), not an autonomous police. (14 August at 09:18)

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